My Little Hive|Pre-School


26 Artesian Road Basement, 

St Mary Of The Angels Church London W2 5DN


Tel: 0207 221 5140



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"My daughter absolutley loves it here, it is not unusual for her to shed a few tears at home time!”  
My Little Hive Parent





Our Clubs

My Little Hive Pre-School is committed to making learning fun! We have a variety of children’s clubs taking part through out the week. Teachers provide interesting, fun and stimulating activities for children from two years of age. All of which offers the opportunity to converse and socialise with staff and children in a relaxed environment. 

Here is a list of our clubs:

·         Little Carpenters 

·         Music 

·         Phonics

·         Cookery Club

·         Art Attack


The pre-school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage. To learn more about this click here. 

Children cover a variety of topics each term and all learning and development is recorded in individual journals. Below are a few examples of what children do on a day to day basis.

  • Group participation in physical activity signals the start of the day as well as promoting a sense of well-being.

  • Circle time brings the class together for a teacher led activity which is delivered simultaneously in two languages. This provides the opportunity to introduce the topics and themes for children to develop and extend their knowledge. An emphasis is placed on developing related vocabulary in both languages.

  • Small Group activities are specifically planned to achieve each child's next steps in learning and further their knowledge and competence.

  • Visiting teachers attend school on a weekly basis to deliver a variety of extracurricular classes.

  • Learning opportunities take place both indoors and outdoors and we ensure children have access to benefit from the outside environment each day.

  • As we want our children to be curious and independent learners we ensure that opportunities arise for them to demonstrate their autonomy during child initiated play times. Teachers are available to support children during this time and ensure interactions in both languages.

  • Stories and songs are an integral part of the curriculum and we offer a range of music and literature in both languages.

My Little Hive pre-school is positioned in the heart of Notting Hill within St Mary of The Angels Church. We are surrounded by residential homes and a short walk from the lovely Portobello Market. Our community offers a wealth of learning opportunities for our little bees.


My Little Hive aims build strong ties with its local community and believe it is very important that children experience the world beyond the nursery. Our little bees are given many opportunities to visit the local area in small, well supervised groups. They may visit the park, the shops, the library and Portobello Market. We also maintain strong lines of communication with parents and carers by fostering an open door policy at our pre-school.


Our classrooms are equipped with a variety of resources that support children's learning and development. Opportunities for creative activities are available as well as encounters based and built on real life experiences. There are areas within the classrooms where children can find time to relax and enjoy self-selected activities. Teachers ensure that the environment is stimulating and offers opportunities for children to develop a conceptual understanding of the world. Children are also encouraged to be independent in their self-care.


“It takes a village to raise a child”

     African Proverb